Our Mission the independent structuring and group we therefore offer to our clients investment services and assume responsibility for the statutory requirements in the interest of investors.


XOLARIS Group is concerned by the environmental impact of companies and their ability to offer products and services that respond to environmental challenges. The environmental issues can relate to the treatment of carbon emissions, pollution, waste and water use at the corporate level.

Our Mission  is our aim and to offer individualized solutionsso that specialized managers of real assets


XOLARIS Group is concerned by the impact of companies on all their stakeholders (suppliers, employees, consumers) and the increasingly important expectations of investors in social responsibility. Social issues can carry on all types of employment abuse, staff rotation indicators, diversity, health and safety at the workplace, income distribution, and product safety.

Our Mission, our company against high personnel turnover, office politics and unhealthy competition.


XOLARIS Group is sensitive to the added value provided by companies that encourage ethics in governance. Governance issues can relate to trends in fraud and corruption, government involvement and the impact on the management of the company, the independence of the board of directors, the remuneration of the leaders, and anti-competitive practices.


In accordance with the disclosure regulation (EU) 2019/2088 and (EU) 2020/852, XOLARIS Group inform investors about how ESG criteria are taken into account in the fund structure and its fund administration and management processes.

Highly sensitive to these criteria, XOLARIS Group relies on the recommendations of its advisors within the structuring process and their clients´ intentions for creating financial solutions. Therefore, the rules are defined in the by-laws or prospectus and the Key Information Documents of each Alternative Investment Fund under management. ESG criteria are thus not used as a systematic filter of fund management and risk management by XOLARIS Group.


We integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into all business activities and processes, where applicable in firm belief that these factors can have an serious impact on long term financial performance

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Disclosures on the current Remuneration policy and Remuneration practice

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