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The XOLARIS Group is a leading international service AIFM for real assets. With locations in Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we are already in a position to offer our clients individual structuring solutions.

True to our motto "Investmentquality - made with passion", we consider it essential that the finished product not only carries the intention of our clients and their signature in terms of content but is characterized by their identity. Therefore, we structure and develop the AIF according to their focus and accompany them in all phases of the product lifecycle. In addition, we act as the central coordinator and manager of all the protagonists and service providers and ensure that the structure runs smoothly.

We see ourselves as a partner to our clients - eye to eye with a common goal. Our aim is investment quality of the highest standards in all processes and safeguarding the investments of our clients. This also includes portfolio and risk management as well as administration such as investor relations and accounting.

With us, you benefit from in-depth know-how, many years of experience, and a comprehensive range of services along the process and value chain of an AIF. Your cooperation with us enables you to achieve a significant added value in the core areas of collective asset management and, as a result, a significant reduction in fixed costs, risk, and liability.


We put clients' interests ahead of our own and treat all clients equally.


Our main advantage is our independence. Being independent is one of the key factors for excellence in investing.


Our personnel practices must contribute to the achievement of our clients’ objectives.

Xolaris Star Background Xolaris Star mean Quality of the highest standards in all processes and safeguarding

I founded the XOLARIS Group in 2010 with the vision of creating an independent and comprehensive service provider for the entire value chain of alternative investments. We support initiators in the launch, administration, investor support, and management of alternative investment products in line with their needs.

Through the modular range of services, we help where it is needed and our clients to concentrate on their core competencies. And this is not only in the interest of the clients but also in the interest of the investors.

The XOLARIS Group is an independent internationally active Master AIFM in the real asset sector. Our experts will be happy to advise you comprehensively and competently within the framework of a personal appointment.
Stefan Klaile

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XOLARIS Group is a leading independent white label platform for Real Assets with an increasing global presence. Our aim is the development of the optimal fund structure for our clients while ensuring the highest standards in all processes along the product value chain.

SUNRISE Capital GmbH

SUNRISE Capital Verwaltungs GmbH

SUNRISE Capital Management GmbH

SUNRISE Capital G.P. Ltd




XOLARIS Solution GmbH


Dynamic working environment

A harmonious workplace and spirit of cooperation are indispensable. We guard our company against high personnel turnover, office politics and unhealthy competition

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Our Mission the independent structuring and group we therefore offer to our clients investment services and assume responsibility for the statutory requirements in the interest of investors.


True to our motto "Investmentquality - Made with Passion", we take the time to understand our clients' needs and implement them in individual structuring solutions.

As an external service AIFM, we relieve you of operational and regulatory tasks so that you can concentrate fully on your core competencies.

Within our various entities we are able to suit the individual objectives of our clients with clear focus and limitation on third party structures.

Our Mission  is our aim and to offer individualized solutionsso that specialized managers of real assets


With us, our clients benefit from in-depth know-how, many years of experience and a comprehensive range of services along the process and value chain of an AIF.

As our clients act as initiators of an AIF, we consider it essential that the finished product not only bears their intention and content-related signature, but is ultimately shaped by their identity.

We also see ourselves as the central coordinator of all protagonists, service providers and process chains during the entire life cycle of the AIF.

Our Mission, our company against high personnel turnover, office politics and unhealthy competition.


Highly sensitive to these criteria, XOLARIS Group relies on the recommendations of its advisors within the structuring process and their clients´ intentions for creating financial solutions.

Therefore, the rules defined in the by-laws or prospectus and the Key Information Documents of each Alternative Investment Fund under management. ESG criteria are thus not used as a systematic filter of fund management and risk management by XOLARIS Group.

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